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Welcome to Storyline!

I’m Lyn Haines, popular culture addict, history buff, teacher, writer and mum.

I’m passionate about great storytelling, in whatever form it comes in.

Through this site you might find your next great read, an author to follow, an event to go to, a podcast to listen to or a great film to watch.

Speaking of stories …

Did I mention I’m a writer?

I have BA in Communications from UTS and I am a member of the NSW Writers’ Centre and the Australian Society of Authors.

In 2010 I left my career as a Communications Manager behind to become a full-time carer and pursue my life-long passion for creative writing.

I developed my first novel, Mnemosyne’s Daughter, as part of the 2015 Year of the Novel at the NSW Writers’ Centre, under the tutelage of acclaimed author Emily Maguire.

Mnemosyne’s Daughter is the start of a new contemporary young adult series which draws on my love of speculative fiction, adventures overseas, interest in ancient history and preoccupation with the human condition. Think Ruth Park’s Playing Beatie Bow with urban fantasy sensibilities and the science of Marita Smith’s debut novel Convergence.

Sydney film maker Serena Hunt is transforming one of my short stories into a screenplay with a view of producing it as a short film. Worth explores a world where medical resources are so scarce, the sick must prove their ‘worth’ to society to qualify for care.

My latest book Switch is a historical fiction hiding within a modern-day thriller, in the tradition of Kate Mosse’s bestselling Labyrinth series.

I’ll be posting news regarding these and other writing projects through Storyline, so stay tuned!