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When it came to updating my tattoo last year, I went in search of a design that conceptually represented two of my great loves (my family and reading).

Are you ready?

Like winter, the school holidays are coming. You might have noticed parents huddling in groups, desperately clutching iPhones as they attempt to stitch together enough care options, activities and annual leave to get through to the end of January. I... Continue Reading →

Genre Worlds 2017

Last week at the Genre Worlds: Popular Fiction in the 21st Century conference, which was held alongside GenreCon 2017, I was absolutely enthralled by a variety of academic papers examining a topic very close to my heart: genre fiction. My... Continue Reading →

Talking about the right stuff

Last weekend, over 240 writers, editors, agents and publishers packed the State Library of Queensland for GenreCon 2017; a three-day conference dedicated to genre fiction courtesy of the Queensland Writers Centre and the Australia Writer's Marketplace. The panels and workshops... Continue Reading →

Nothing like a deadline

I have a bulging file of story ideas at home. In my mind they are already wonderful novels, articles or short stories. In fact, sometimes it’s tempting just to bask in the glory of their potential, rather than rolling up... Continue Reading →

Beta reader brilliance

As we come to the end of November, writers from all around the world will be finishing their 50,000 word novels for NaNoWriMo. Yes, living among us, are gifted folk who can pull together a book in four weeks. Others... Continue Reading →

Write your book

I could easily fill a room with the notes I've made over the years about that 'book'. The one I've told friends and family that I would sit down and write. I quit my job in 2011 to care for... Continue Reading →

My first blog post

I’m passionate about great storytelling. I love meeting authors and finding new and exciting fiction. Through this site you might just find your next great read, an interesting author to follow or other like-minded readers to connect with.

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