Big reading on a little budget

I'm delighted my kids enjoy a good book as much as I do, however keeping our home constantly stocked with fresh books can be a costly exercise. Here are a few ways I've found to satisfy our 'habit' without breaking... Continue Reading →

The wonderful world of Aussie Kids and YA

Writing NSW and Festival Director Belinda Murrell brought together a who's who of Aussie authors, illustrators, publishers for the tenth Kids & YA Festival on Saturday and it was  fabulous. Discussions ranged throughout the day. From the different pathways to... Continue Reading →

It’s always the quiet ones

The first I'd heard of softly spoken and wickedly talented Nalini Singh was during last year's GenreCon organised by the Queensland Writers Centre. I added Wild Embrace (with the following cover), to my Speculative Fiction/YA/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance book pile: As my... Continue Reading →

Words at play

Last year I asked a group of primary school students: 'What makes a great story?' Hands shot up and soon I had a white board full of answers like: adjectives spelling punctuation sentence structure My inner child was very confused.... Continue Reading →

Talking about the right stuff

Last weekend, over 240 writers, editors, agents and publishers packed the State Library of Queensland for GenreCon 2017; a three-day conference dedicated to genre fiction courtesy of the Queensland Writers Centre and the Australia Writer's Marketplace. The panels and workshops... Continue Reading →

We are all stories in the end

Although I'm wary of reading memoirs in public (as I tend to dissolve into tears), I have gained so much, as a reader, writer and as a human being, from regularly stepping outside of my natural habitat of fiction to... Continue Reading →

The next generation of book lovers

My kids didn’t want to read and I couldn't believe it. They’ve always loved being read to but when it came down to learning the actual mechanics of English, they both resolutely dug in their heels. The thing is, I've... Continue Reading →

A zombie walks into a bar…

I must say, having recently binged on both the Santa Clarita Diet and Z Nation, the horror comedy hybrid is certainly working for me. In the Santa Clarita Diet Sheila (Drew Barrymore) decries her dowdy wife/bland mum/real estate agent former... Continue Reading →

Eating your veggies

My eight year old son's declaration of vegetarianism didn't come as a surprise. He has periodically asked us to stop buying animals to eat, since making the connection between 'chicken' and our own backyard chickens when he was four. So,... Continue Reading →

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