Conversations for the curious at heart

Last weekend, whilst sitting on an idyllic river bank near the Tea Gardens village north of Sydney, my daughter was bitten by a particularly cranky ant. Amid the howling, I noted to a friend, ‘did you know the ants we... Continue Reading →


Julie Snyder, the creator of the podcast phenomenon Serial, was utterly captivating during her Bingefest presentation at the Sydney Opera House on 18 December 2016. She took us on a whirlwind journey from Serial's first recording in the Koenig family's... Continue Reading →

Discovering myths and legends

When I found my late mother's much-loved Nutcracker Suite volume recently, it was a wonderful reminder of the bedtime stories I adored as a child. Heroes, monsters, mermaids, magic, wizards and fairies were the order of the day in our... Continue Reading →

Glorious Grammar

I love English, which is handy as it's the only language I've got, but the rules and regulations governing the intricate workings of my mother tongue have often baffled me. Judging by the many resources dedicated to English Grammar I'm... Continue Reading →

SWF Podcasts

If you're like me and can't always make it to every session of the Sydney Writers' Festival (or even make it there at all), you can listen to just about all the sessions through their excellent Podcast series. Sydney Writers'... Continue Reading →

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