Big reading on a little budget

I'm delighted my kids enjoy a good book as much as I do, however keeping our home constantly stocked with fresh books can be a costly exercise. Here are a few ways I've found to satisfy our 'habit' without breaking... Continue Reading →

The wonderful world of Aussie Kids and YA

Writing NSW and Festival Director Belinda Murrell brought together a who's who of Aussie authors, illustrators, publishers for the tenth Kids & YA Festival on Saturday and it was  fabulous. Discussions ranged throughout the day. From the different pathways to... Continue Reading →

Are you ready?

Like winter, the school holidays are coming. You might have noticed parents huddling in groups, desperately clutching iPhones as they attempt to stitch together enough care options, activities and annual leave to get through to the end of January. I... Continue Reading →

Genre Worlds 2017

Last week at the Genre Worlds: Popular Fiction in the 21st Century conference, which was held alongside GenreCon 2017, I was absolutely enthralled by a variety of academic papers examining a topic very close to my heart: genre fiction. My... Continue Reading →

Talking about the right stuff

Last weekend, over 240 writers, editors, agents and publishers packed the State Library of Queensland for GenreCon 2017; a three-day conference dedicated to genre fiction courtesy of the Queensland Writers Centre and the Australia Writer's Marketplace. The panels and workshops... Continue Reading →

All fans here

When asked how he came to collaborate with Garth Nix, Sean Williams was quick to point out that they’d read each other’s work. Aside from their impressive encyclopedic knowledge (on everything from the oral traditions of our earliest ancestors to... Continue Reading →


Julie Snyder, the creator of the podcast phenomenon Serial, was utterly captivating during her Bingefest presentation at the Sydney Opera House on 18 December 2016. She took us on a whirlwind journey from Serial's first recording in the Koenig family's... Continue Reading →

Buffy Bonanza

Movie marathons require pillows, snacks and the stamina to last the night with your eyes wide open. I think Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back was playing the last time I attempted one. I certainly never expected the Sydney Opera... Continue Reading →

Book club

Just like the cleverly crafted Motherhood rap from Fiat, I joined my book club ‘just so I could drink some wine’. Years later the company remains excellent but it’s less about the wine and more about our shared love of... Continue Reading →

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