All fans here

When asked how he came to collaborate with Garth Nix, Sean Williams was quick to point out that they’d read each other’s work. Aside from their impressive encyclopedic knowledge (on everything from the oral traditions of our earliest ancestors to... Continue Reading →

Nothing like a deadline

I have a bulging file of story ideas at home. In my mind they are already wonderful novels, articles or short stories. In fact, sometimes it’s tempting just to bask in the glory of their potential, rather than rolling up... Continue Reading →

The uninvited manuscript

You've typed 'The End'. You've pruned, perfected and polished your manuscript until it shines. You are done. It’s as good as you can make it. Hooray! So, now what? If you’re not an established author and/or you don’t have an... Continue Reading →

Beta reader brilliance

As we come to the end of November, writers from all around the world will be finishing their 50,000 word novels for NaNoWriMo. Yes, living among us, are gifted folk who can pull together a book in four weeks. Others... Continue Reading →

When characters come alive

Yesterday at yet another wonderful Read3r'z Revu event, the exceptional young adult author Tara Eglington was in residence discussing her latest book My Best Friend is a Goddess. She mentioned how her characters become so real, so alive, that she... Continue Reading →

What’s in a genre?

Recently at the HarperCollins Open Day at the NSW Writers’ Centre, Rochelle Fernandez from Voyager asked me what genre my book was in. I made the rookie error of answering that it actually fits into many categories: young adult, urban... Continue Reading →

Last Friday Club for 2016

Last Friday, Julia Tsalis, Program Manager of the NSW Writers' Centre hosted the very last First Friday Club for 2016. The trailblazing Lou Johnson Co-Founder of The Author People and newly appointed Publishing Director for Murdoch Books was in residence... Continue Reading →

Glorious Grammar

I love English, which is handy as it's the only language I've got, but the rules and regulations governing the intricate workings of my mother tongue have often baffled me. Judging by the many resources dedicated to English Grammar I'm... Continue Reading →

Write your book

I could easily fill a room with the notes I've made over the years about that 'book'. The one I've told friends and family that I would sit down and write. I quit my job in 2011 to care for... Continue Reading →

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