I love a good old fashion ghost story, so it’s no surprise that I found watching Hunter Page-Lochard and Zac James hunting traditional spirits and urban legends in the darkness of the Australian bush, absolutely riveting.


The first episode of Shadow Trackers, which premiered last week on National Indigenous Television (NITV), follows Hunter and Zac as they track down an Il-Bogan, a creature that moves through underground tunnels on Mununjali land in Queensland. Last night they were in Ngarrindjeri land in South Australia looking for the Muldjewangk; a strange creature that lives in the Murray River.

What I loved most about this show, is hearing the stories of Indigenous Australia told by local storytellers and elders. Values and life lessons live within these stories, as does the history of the people and places connected with them.

I’m looking forward to discovering more, as the intrepid and entertaining Hunter and Zac continue on their adventure, across an Australia where spirits and legends roam.

Shadow Hunters airs on Channel 34 (Australian free to air digital) at 8.30pm on Thursday nights and a full episode guide is available through the NITV website.

I watched it through SBS on demand and more options are outlined on the NITV website page.

NITV is a channel made by, for and about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Visit the NITV home page and discover the many other wonderful programs and articles available from this network.

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