Where has Sense 8 been all my life?


Eight individuals suddenly find their innermost thoughts and feelings shared by seven strangers. Their lives become intertwined as their powerful connection defies the barriers of geography, language, culture, gender, time and even death.

Their intimate connection provides solace, conflict, passion, strength, grief and joy but will it be enough to protect them from the fear their ‘difference’ fosters in others?

They are pursued by clandestine government agencies because of their inter-connectivity however, many times it’s just being who they are that brings hate and aggression to their door. The courage it takes to be true to yourself, in the midst of those who would force you to conform, is a powerful theme.

The science fiction drama series revels in the complexity of its narrative and themes, yet admirably never looses sight of the intimate relationships between the characters.

‘We exist because of sex. It is not something to be afraid of. It is something to honour and enjoy,’ advises one character and the makers certainly don’t shy away from expressing their joy in the human form.


It’s hard to pick a favourite character, storyline or even a sub-plot. It’s a true ensemble and the movie quality production values of the  Wachowskis (The Matrix and Cloud Atlas)  and co-creator J. Michael Straczynski (Thor and World War Z) bring each story eloquently to life.

Be passionate, afraid, happy.

Know joy, loss, fear and euphoria.

Enjoy Sense 8.