When it came to updating my tattoo last year, I went in search of a design that conceptually represented two of my great loves (my family and reading).

Books and body art

Trawling through literary tattoos online it’s hard (at least for me), not to get swept away with the possibilities.

It certainly makes great TV, just watch:


Artist Danielle Hickie (check out her awesome work here), introduced me to Pinterest when we collaborated last year. I needed a 1920’s style oil portrait and since the character came from my imagination (and we live in different parts of NSW), we used Pinterest to share both images and ideas.

When I decided it was time to update my tattoo, Pinterest gave me access to a plethora of images which I could save into my own virtual folder and consider at my leisure.

Clearly, I’m not the only book lover that likes the idea of a literary themed tattoo. Or cats, or teacups or … well you get the point.

I love books but when someone asks me to name my favourite I struggle. Who knows? My all time favourite could be hidden among the hundreds of books on my ‘to be read’ list on Goodreads.

I wanted an original design and for that you need an artist.

Hibernia Tattoo

When I entered the appointment only studio’s graffiti clad stairwell (think of the urban wastelands described in Divergent), I genuinely feared for my life. To my intense relief, the door opened to reveal a gorgeous light filled room, magnificent framed art on the walls, state of the art tattoo work stations and the tranquil smile of artist Rin Liu.

One of Rin’s clients offered their genuine appreciation for her talents. ‘She’ll look after you,’ he said sagely and he was certainly right.

She took my ideas in stride, checked my old tattoo and gently walked me through what was possible and what would work well.


It’s about you

I remember being told that I’d regret my tattoo when I was older. I never have and it’s been 20 years. It’s still there under the new design. Remember, do your research and take your time. It’s your body after all and it’s the only one you’ve got.

Happy hunting for your own literary tattoo.