If you’re like me and can’t always make it to every session of the Sydney Writers’ Festival (or even make it there at all), you can listen to just about all the sessions through their excellent Podcast series.

Sydney Writers’ Festival 2016

I’ve been working my way through the Podcasts and they are fantastic! I subscribed on iTunes and the 2015 series is available there too.


  • Curiosity Lecture Series – Frank Bongiorno: Why We Can’t Get Over the Eighties
  • Hugh Mackay: Can We Find Meaning Without Religion?
  • Kate Tempest: The Bricks that Built the Houses
  • Kate Tempest: 2016 Opening Address
  • Peter Frankopan: The Silk Roads
  • Ferrante Fever: A Celebration of Elena Ferrante’s Novels
  • Andrew Denton: Better Off Dead
  • Charlotte Wood: The Natural Way of Things
  • Simon Winchester: The Pacific

Sydney Writers’ Festival 2017

The dates for next year are 22 – 28 May. More details and events can be found through the https://www.swf.org.au/ website.