Black Mirror

‘I didn’t expect to be living in the future but here I fxxking well am,’ quips DCI Karin Parke (Kelly McDonald) in Hated in the Nation, the superb season three finale of Charlie Brooker’s thrilling  Black Mirror. You best get... Continue Reading →

Choose your own adventure

I was in Aldi last week, doing my level best to avoid looking in the 'specials' aisle, when I saw a stack of Choose Your Own Adventure books for $5 each. During my early teens I absolutely loved these books.... Continue Reading →

Three from the vault

For the November Read3r’z Re-Vue event at Dymocks, I took along three of well-worn books from home to illustrate the theme of infatuation. When I revealed that I read the first one in 1986 there was an audible gasp, followed... Continue Reading →

Beta reader brilliance

As we come to the end of November, writers from all around the world will be finishing their 50,000 word novels for NaNoWriMo. Yes, living among us, are gifted folk who can pull together a book in four weeks. Others... Continue Reading →

Guilty pleasures

I was one of the slightly unhinged parents caught up in the annual Xmas shopping panic this week. As I explored the toy aisles of one of our large discount retailers, I recognised a ridiculous amount of entertainment tie-ins. I... Continue Reading →

From page to scene

From the moment Alexandra Joel author of Rosetta warned us she had props and wasn't afraid to use them, we knew we were in for a great show. A tale of forbidden love in the early 1900's followed. A Melbourne... Continue Reading →

When characters come alive

Yesterday at yet another wonderful Read3r'z Revu event, the exceptional young adult author Tara Eglington was in residence discussing her latest book My Best Friend is a Goddess. She mentioned how her characters become so real, so alive, that she... Continue Reading →

Perfectly peculiar

The book-worm in me often cringes when I watch a movie based on a novel that I've loved. The visual medium inevitably requires changes and how a film maker translates the characters, compresses the plot or deletes elements entirely, can... Continue Reading →

ABC bite-sized brilliance

Thank you ABC TV for these two superb under 30 minute programs. Note to viewers: you may find that you become instantly mesmerized and binge watch an entire series. You have been warned. Anh's Brush With Fame Anh Do comedian,... Continue Reading →

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