‘I didn’t expect to be living in the future but here I fxxking well am,’ quips DCI Karin Parke (Kelly McDonald) in Hated in the Nation, the superb season three finale of Charlie Brooker’s thrilling  Black Mirror. You best get your popcorn and soda ready because each episode of this remarkable series is between 40 and 90 minutes long and you won’t want to miss a minute.


Each episode is a world unto itself. Different cast, place, time and feel but all with a chilling twist on where our technological genius may lead us. I can easily see the comparison to science fiction classics The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits or even Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories.

Black Mirror stands out against the current trend of episodic television shows that are designed to hook you in and keep you watching. I actually found it refreshing to experience movie quality television without the compulsion to binge watch an entire season.

As they are so different, naturally some will resonate more than others. The stand-out episodes so far for me are:

  • The Entire History of You
  • White Christmas
  • White Bear
  • Men Against Fire
  • San Junipero
  • Hated in the Nation

I discovered Black Mirror through Netflix but the first three seasons come from Britain’s Channel 4.

Happy viewing!