I remember when I was a teenager trying to work my way through the Fiction section of Woollahra Library. My parent’s didn’t drive so my siblings, mum and I would walk and bus our haul of books home. It’s super irritating when you finally drag a load of heavy books in the door and discover you’ve already read a few and just forgotten.

First world problem, I know but when I found Goodreads the little geeky kid inside me just went a little bit crazy over loading my reading lists into the site.

I love chatting about books and when someone recommends a good read I simply add it to my list. It’s true my virtual bookshelves are now as crowded as my actual shelves at home but I love it.

I’ve added a widget to my  About page so you can see the books I’ve recently read and reviewed. I’ve only just started reviewing but it’s incredibly important to both authors and other readers. If you read a book please take a moment to do a review.

Currently I have 231 books to review, 100 to read and 12 to read next.

Yes, I have a book problem. And that’s OK.