Perfectly peculiar

The book-worm in me often cringes when I watch a movie based on a novel that I've loved. The visual medium inevitably requires changes and how a film maker translates the characters, compresses the plot or deletes elements entirely, can... Continue Reading →

ABC bite-sized brilliance

Thank you ABC TV for these two superb under 30 minute programs. Note to viewers: you may find that you become instantly mesmerized and binge watch an entire series. You have been warned. Anh's Brush With Fame Anh Do comedian,... Continue Reading →

Shadow Trackers

I love a good old fashion ghost story, so it’s no surprise that I found watching Hunter Page-Lochard and Zac James hunting traditional spirits and urban legends in the darkness of the Australian bush, absolutely riveting. The first episode of... Continue Reading →

Almighty? Yes indeed!

Stop what you're doing right now and watch this unique, funny, heartbreaking, intriguing, sexy, thoughtful, clever and super addictive TV show from New Zealand. Axel Johnson discovers on his 21st birthday that he and his family (brothers Ty, Mike and... Continue Reading →

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