Stop what you’re doing right now and watch this unique, funny, heartbreaking, intriguing, sexy, thoughtful, clever and super addictive TV show from New Zealand.

Axel Johnson discovers on his 21st birthday that he and his family (brothers Ty, Mike and Anders and their ‘uncle’ Olaf), are the reincarnation of Norse gods. Yes, that’s right, Norse gods, who fled persecution in Europe years earlier and have been hiding out in NZ ever since. They’re a bit down and out, but they’re gods nonetheless.

And life is never dull for the Johnson boys. A strong central quest plot is interwoven with family dramas, romances and a brilliant supporting cast of characters – with problems of their own. Norse goddesses (sometimes enemies, sometimes friends and sometimes mores than that), Norse gods (it’s worth watching just to meet the ‘barking mad’ Thor and ‘wicked’ Loki), local Maori gods (in the ‘garage’ of Jerome) and not to mention Axel’s long suffering flat mates (Gaia and Zeb).

The The Almighty Johnsons is only three seasons, so binge with caution as you’ll be left wanting more.

For a preview, visit the official website here.


Happy watching!