The tools of the trade

A fountain pen is still the weapon of choice used by many writing greats (Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Haruki Murakami and Isobelle Carmody to name a few) however, as any member of my writers' group can tell you, even with... Continue Reading →

We are all stories in the end

Although I'm wary of reading memoirs in public (as I tend to dissolve into tears), I have gained so much, as a reader, writer and as a human being, from regularly stepping outside of my natural habitat of fiction to... Continue Reading →

All fans here

When asked how he came to collaborate with Garth Nix, Sean Williams was quick to point out that they’d read each other’s work. Aside from their impressive encyclopedic knowledge (on everything from the oral traditions of our earliest ancestors to... Continue Reading →

The next generation of book lovers

My kids didn’t want to read and I couldn't believe it. They’ve always loved being read to but when it came down to learning the actual mechanics of English, they both resolutely dug in their heels. The thing is, I've... Continue Reading →

Nothing like a deadline

I have a bulging file of story ideas at home. In my mind they are already wonderful novels, articles or short stories. In fact, sometimes it’s tempting just to bask in the glory of their potential, rather than rolling up... Continue Reading →

Sense 8

Where has Sense 8 been all my life? Eight individuals suddenly find their innermost thoughts and feelings shared by seven strangers. Their lives become intertwined as their powerful connection defies the barriers of geography, language, culture, gender, time and even... Continue Reading →

A zombie walks into a bar…

I must say, having recently binged on both the Santa Clarita Diet and Z Nation, the horror comedy hybrid is certainly working for me. In the Santa Clarita Diet Sheila (Drew Barrymore) decries her dowdy wife/bland mum/real estate agent former... Continue Reading →

Eating your veggies

My eight year old son's declaration of vegetarianism didn't come as a surprise. He has periodically asked us to stop buying animals to eat, since making the connection between 'chicken' and our own backyard chickens when he was four. So,... Continue Reading →

Conversations for the curious at heart

Last weekend, whilst sitting on an idyllic river bank near the Tea Gardens village north of Sydney, my daughter was bitten by a particularly cranky ant. Amid the howling, I noted to a friend, ‘did you know the ants we... Continue Reading →

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