Watch back to back episodes of Buffy you say? Meet the maker of the Serial podcast you say? Beyonce v Rihannan dance class on the ballet’s practice dance floor you say? GoT, Doctor Who, Madmen, The Sopranos, Seinfeld … have I died and gone to pop culture heaven? I think so!


Coming to to the Sydney Opera House this December is Bingefest – a 24 hour festival of television, podcasts, video games, performance and cat videos. Yes, that’s right. There will be three hours of cat videos playing on the Sydney Opera House forecourt.

I’m a Buffy fan from way back (all hail Joss Whedon) but there is so much on this program that I want to indulge in, I’m not sure where to start. Have a look at the event program.

I checked the fine print looking for pricing (you have to look hard in the pop up event details to find them). If you are interested, best get your skates on as the early bird discounts ends on Monday 31 October.

Until then, for multi passes (three of more events) prices range from free (all foyer installations are free – so if Street Fighter is your thing you are in luck), to $13.60 (Buffy a thon) to $30 (Serial session with creator Julie Snyder).

For individual tickets they are just a bit dearer for example $16 (Buffy) and $40 (Serial).

Happy bingefest!